Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meeting Ree the Pioneer Woman

A few months ago I traveled to Salt Lake to visit my family and to go to a book signing for Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman. She has a blog that I ready & once I found out she was having a signing for her new cookbook I decided I needed to go. I think Bill thought I was crazy, my family probably thought I was crazy but I was determined to go.
One of my niece's volunteered to watch Greydon and Dylan and another one volunteered to go with me. We arrived at this TINY bookstore in Salt Lake that bless their hearts had no idea how popular Ree was and were ill prepared for the mass of people that showed and the chaos that ensued. Kara and I were there for HOURS...
While most people thought we were nuts and Benjamin was less than thrilled we had a good time hanging out and visiting. And, how cute is Kara's hair??
So check out Rees blog at

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