Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Few Things

Lately no time or ambition to blog.... I am a slacker I know. So here are some random items that I am too lazy to blog about individually.

Greydons friend that he ADORED just moved. We went to the park together the day before she left... he played with her for maybe 10 minutes and that got distracted with the guys and collecting sticks and so when it was time to go he was hearbroken because they didn't play the whole time together. Ah young love.

The boys have been in swim lessons. The first day Dylan refused to get into the water and semi freaked out which was unusual because he loves the water, and jumps in the pool with his floaties on etc. But he is not a fan of strangers or new situations. So yesterday we tried again to get him in the water and he reluctantly got in and was very hesitant and shy... that didn't last long though because before the end of the 30 minute lesson he decided he didn't want to wait for his turn to swim with the teacher so he dove off his step and tried to swim out to her.

Apparently Greydon or the both of them I am not sure which have figured out how to work the remote just enough to be dangerous and to order movies now on Dish. Luckily it was just The Princess and the Frog that got ordered and not some crazy HBO show.

Benjamin has discovred how to open doors. Not fun. He got into my scrapbooking stuff and was coloring his legs with markers, he gets all our shoes out and leaves them all over the place and tries to escape outside. He thinks he is as big as his brothers which clearly I know he is not.

Also if there was an Olympic Event for synchronized pooping my boys would wind gold hands down each time. I don't know if I should be relieved that they do it all at once or irritated.

I am having a party here tomorrow night and my house is FAR from ready but what I am I doing? I am blogging. I do my best work under pressure filled time limits though... or so I tell Bill when I running around like an angry chicken without a head.

Thats all the random ramblings for now folks.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bad Hair Days

So I was at Walmart today and I saw my hair dresser in the next checkout and I was getting ready to yell hello to her and then I realized was a crazy hair day (again) and I was too embarrassed to say hello. So I actually ducked down so she couldn't see me until she left. Sad huh? In my defense I was on my way to get a spray tan.(surprise Bill if you are reading this) and so I had not even combed my hair just put it in a ponytail and went on my merry way.
I keep running into her when I look AWFUL and I wonder if she wonders if I actually use any of the techniques that she shows me, if I ever actually comb and style my hair. I use to be a quite frequent occurence but these days well I am ashamed to say it is a once a week if I am lucky kinda thing. I do comb it... I am not a total slacker but that is as far as it goes. I have dreams of having beautifully coiffed hair on a daily basis but unless Ken Paeves or the like decided to move in next door and style my hair for free daily out of pity I guess I am out of luck. So Ms. B the next time you see me I hope that my hair is done so I don't have to duck and not say hello because I really wanted to chat :)