Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Pepsi Challenge

So I keep planning on quitting soda and even my children have mentioned it might be a good idea. It is sad that my 31/2 and 4 1/2 yr old feel the need to give me health advice but oh well. The plan is simple, quit drinking and or buying any soda. It sounds simple, would be fantastic but it is not going well.
The first attempt I had my last soda early in the evening and was fine until I took the kids shopping at the commisary and at 11am the next morning as I was walking towards the checkout wondering what I had done to deserve the behavior they were displaying I picked up a twelve pack and within the hour was drinking soda again.
Attempt number two I lasted a little longer until about 2pm the next day.
Attempt number three was yesterday and then I realized who was I kidding it is just not happening yet.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No crummy crummies

So yesterday I mentioned facing a crummy crummy or something eloquent like that. Well, I am happy and relieved to report I don't have to face it. Apparently I should have full discussions with my husband PRIOR to posting.
The husband came home for lunch and after he left called and said, "oh ya I forgot to tell you about the 365 day to Afghan" I just sat there silently thinking lots of things. Most of them I shouldn't post. But after a few minutes of silence I said, "well it isn't something I would choose to have you do but if you want to or need to go I support you in that." and then our call ended and alllllllllllllllllll afternoon I thought about that and all through work and then finally at 10:00 last night when I got to ask him about he said, "I thought you knew I was kidding about going... "
Well no I wasn't sure he was kidding at the time... I hoped but I wasn't sure. And then the small childish part of me that has been rearing its head all week wanted to go punch him in the face for making me stress all day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random thoughts

Some thoughts:

Yesterday was a bad day. Kids not listening, I was cranky, we all fed off each other and very nearly imploded.

Their Father came home and rescued us all.

Dylan called me a stupid ugly girl and I am still not over it. (Yes I realize he is the three year old not me)

I have to go to work tonight and I do not want to. This happens nearly every time I go to work these days. I feel guilty for going, I am sad because I don't want to miss time away and yet getting to talk to adults and using my brain for different tasks is nice. I really enjoy my job most of the time. But the work vs not work mental struggle is getting old.

Military life has so many great things, some crummy things. I am being faced with one of the crummy crummies possibly.

I wish I had more time and knowledge to get this blog to look how I would like it to...

I really really wish I could go back to school. Why did I quit again? Oh ya because I was young and super stupid.

Alright enough random rambling.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Going on 55

Greydon graduated from preschool and I am astounded as to how grown up he is getting. He has always been an old soul but it seems like he was a baby so recently and now he will be starting kindergarten... it does not seem possible. I have even been considering home schooling for many reasons
1) we do not excel at getting up in the morning or arriving anywhere on time
2)sometimes I wonder about the quality and quantity of what they are learning in public schools
3)I am a germ freak and it seems easier to keep him in a bubble here at home .... I am sure I have more reasons. And then, the little angel says things like this:

"Are you almost done in here because I am trying to concentrate on my color pattern and you are bothering me."
I find myself thinking how beautiful it will be when he is in kindergarten and someone else gets to enjoy some of these delightful comments he makes.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Few More Things

Also Greydon graduated from preschool & no I have not posted pictures of it anywhere. I am a lazy slacker. But hopefully soon I will get some up and for those of you awaiting with baited breath the full story of what the heck happend to Dylans hands that will be coming soon also. I will make sure to post pictures of that and by that I mean his poor mummy wrapped hands not the actual wounds. No sense in you dry heaving like I do daily.

Mostly Snore

I find it hilarious that my last posting was titled Roar of A Snoar... because my blog is mostly Snore these days or possible always. I have a new goal of posting every day and I think a lot of those posts will also be "snores" but I will keep at it.
When I was taking one of my English classes way back when at Weber State I remember my teacher told me that I had flashes of brilliance in my writing but if I wanted those flashes to be anything besides flashes I would have to work at it every day. Never mind how many years ago that was and I would think it would be obvious that I have not been working on it daily. I was thinking what kind of an example am I to my boys when I tell them that they can be anything if they work hard and go for it when I just dream about my dream of writing. One of those do as I say not as I do situations that I often find myself in as a parent and I LOATHE it. So I am going to work on my dream here in this blog and for the 5 of you who read it I beg of you to stick with me for awhile and see if I can get some of those flashes of brilliance back :) Be forwarned it might take awhile.