Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

It is late here so I typed these answers out quickly and half asleep so hopefully they are coherent for you :)  It has been a long week already and it is only Wednesday.  Hope your week rocks !!  Please stop over at Joyce's great blog, From This Side of the Pond to say hello when you are done here.  

1. What do the words 'freedom' and 'liberty' mean to you? Does your mind go more in the direction of not being persecuted or discriminated against or does it head in the direction of doing what you please?

I think as a military spouse maybe my thoughts on freedom & liberty differ from most peoples.  I think of having the freedom to say & write what you are truly thinking without consequence.  I think of being able to wear what I want, drive myself around & basically do what I please as long as it is within the bounds of our laws which give quite a bit of room.
Primarily though I think of all the men and women who have served to KEEP us FREE.  I think about how many Christmas Celebreations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc that they have missed.  I think about all the time their family is left alone & how hard it can be.  And I think about all the people who have given their lives to ensure that we are able to live the way we do in America.  
Unfortunately I think many people out there don't realize the scope of sacrifice military members and their families make.  For those of you who do thank you.
Alright since it is 1am, I should move on from this topic so I can finish and sleep :)

2. Nathan's sponsors a hot dog eating contest every 4th of July. Last year over 40,000 people attended the event and almost 2 million watched it on TV. The winner ate over 60 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. How do you like your hot dogs?

Wow I can't imagine eating that many hot dogs... really it is kinda gross to me but my boys would love it.  
I like mustard and sweet relish on mine and I prefer them grilled.

3. If you were going to enter an eating contest what would be on the menu?

Desserts... ice cream, cake, brownies or cupcakes.... or perhaps muffins.  Yes, I think I will switch to muffins because they are not as sweet so you could eat more.  

4. Do you run your house more as a dictatorship or a democracy?

Well it depends on how everyone is behaving.  If the behavior is good then it is democracy and when they go wild it switches to a dictatorship.  I do try to give them some freedoms but at the same time they are small children and they need guidance, and rules and routine.

5. Where was your favorite summer place when you were a kid?

I don't know that I have a favorite summer place from my childhood.  I did love to play outside & there is a lake close to my home town that I love because I just find it beautiful.  We didn't have a particular place we went to each summer which since we move so often my kids won't have a "place" either.  

6. Do you have a guest room? Would you want to stay there?

I don't currently have a guest room, if someone comes we kick out one of my son's from his Queen size bed and make him bunk with his brother in bunk beds.  In our last house we did have one and it was nice & yes of course I would want to stay there.  I am a hoot to be around and I make fabulous muffins and desserts :)

7. Next Wednesday America celebrates her independence. Do you have any special plans for the 4th of July? If you live outside the USA when and how does your country celebrate its own patriotic holiday?

Well, here they don't hold the 4th of July celebrations on the actual 4th due to protestors so it is a different weekend every year.   I will take the kids for a bit & then we will come home before the fireworks because my dog is terrified of them.   

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I learned how to turn on a lawn mower yesterday and I mowed our lawn for the first time ever.  I was quite proud of myself but I was surprised at how much of a work out it was.  We have a large yard and it has been awhile so it actually had to be gone over three times.  Amazing how you use different muscles that you did not know existed when you do new things.  It seems like a silly thing I now all kinds of woman do it every day but for me it was out of the norm :)

Sleep... we all need sleep & other random things

So random things to tell you about:

We have been busy around here but in the evenings and then we end up going to bed late... really late which is not good for any of us especially small children.

One of my children thew up in a giant container of Legos yesterday... that was not fine to clean.  Imagine soaking hundreds of tiny Legos in the bathtub,then using a colander to strain and rinse them before lugging them into the other room and let them air dry all over the towels you have spread on your bedroom floor.  It took me over 30 minutes.  I really am not a huge Lego fan right now.

I learned how to turn on a lawn mower and I mowed the front lawn.  I was proud and exhausted and hey if when I made the first pass over the lawn it looked like a drunk had done it oh well.

I am addicted to a new muffin recipe I discovered.  It is an egg-less recipe that has bananas and chocolate in it.  SOOOOOO yummy!  If you want the recipe let me know & I will get it to you.

My dog is not getting enough exercise & so he is driving me bonkers.  I feel bad because it is not his fault he is annoying and I currently can't take him out more for a variety of reasons so we are stuck in a vicious cycle of loathing and loving one another.

The dog did eat HALF a pizza... I was not very pleased about that to say the least.  That was my food.

I had book club tonight & those ladies crack me up!  I know someone who belongs to a book club but they don't actually read books anymore they just go do things together which also cracks me up.

I meant to write this but in funnier form & more stuff yesterday but obviously that did not happen so that brings us to today which is very often the case around here.

Alright enough randomness I am going to go eat some ice cream.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

You is kind, you is smart, you is important

So I finally watched The Help.  Wow is all I can think.  I really liked the movie & now I motivated to pick the book of my bookshelf where it has sat for months and read it.  My thoughts are jumbled and I can't really articulate my feelings about it... part of that might be due to the fact it is 2:30am.
I can't imagine living in that time & I can't fathom some of the things that happened just like I can't believe much of what happens in the world today does in fact occur.  How much happened/happens that we are clueless about.  A scary thought.
Love one another, be kind.  To me it seems like it really is that simple.  At least it should be.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday post although technically it is Friday as of five minutes ago......

So today is the one day in this week that my kids slept in.  It was also the ONE day we had to be somewhere in the morning.  One of my children woke me up at 9am {and yes it was glorious to sleep in until then which they never do} and I panicked because I had somewhere to be at 10am.  Never gonna happen.
No breakfast yet, two were still asleep, two of us were in need of showers, we still had to drop off the dog to doggy daycare.  Then the power went out.
I rolled up to my friends house at 10:45am.  I am lucky that she is one mellow lady and is use to our antics so I am sure she wasn't really expecting us at 10 anyway.  But I try really hard not to be late and if I am late no more than 15 minutes.

It is now 12:09am I am still up and my kids went to bed at about 11pm.  I wonder what time we shall all wake tomorrow.  I am betting early because in lieu of real dinner my kids had lunchables at 5:30pm, some vegetables sometime later and part of a box of Kix Cereal. As to how much they actually consumed of the cereal I could not say because when I went up to check on them and their snack the majority of the box was all over the floor.
See I invited some girl's over tonight for adult conversation and giggles so after feeding the kids I sent them upstairs to watch a movie and snack on cereal.  While I vacuumed up said box of cereal at 10pm I thought maybe it had not been my best plan BUT, they were quiet and good up there and it was delightful to laugh and talk and get to know these girl's better.

All day long I had an actual post topic in my head but now it eludes me so you are stuck with this :)Enough rambling I must sleep because I have to wake up early for breakfast... surely the God's will not be kind enough to let me sleep in TWO mornings in a row :)   Maybe tomorrow I will share my tale of why I had to watch Wonder Pets for several hours the other morning.  Cheers!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summertime & the Hodge Podge is easy

Summer should be easy right?  Lots of relaxing and fun?  Hodge Podge has that :)  I find it relaxing that I don't have to come up with what to blog about on Wednesdays and I always have fun with the comments here and reading other people's blogs as well.     After reading my answers head over to Joyce's blog where it all started at  From This Side of the Pond
{I actually posted another post today (shock and awe I know) but it has a very funny video clip so check that out also}

1. Summer officially rolls in with the Hodgepodge, for those of us in the Northern hemisphere anyway. What song says summer 2012 to you?

I don't know that there is a song that says summer 2012 to me but, whenever I hear the Beach Boys, particularly the song Kokomo I think of summer.

2. What is the quintessential summer food?

Watermelon which sounds delicious so I think a trip to the store is in order today.

3. I've spent a lot of time traipsing up and down the NJ turnpike in recent weeks. Did you know the rest stops on the turnpike are named after people who lived or worked in NJ? Clara BartonWalt WhitmanJames Fenimore CooperMolly PitcherJoyce KilmerThomas Edison, and Grover Cleveland just to name a few. Of those I listed who would you most like to have known and why?

I think they all would be very interesting but I think I would pick Clara Barton because the work she did was amazing.  I think it would be interesting to pick her brain and see what she had to say about all that she did.

4. At what age did you move out of your parent's house and what prompted the move?

I moved out when I was 18 to go to college.  
5. What's more satisfying to you-saving time or saving money?

Well I love to save money so I have more to spend on other things so probably that but I am not great at either.
6. Name something you think brings out the good in people.

I think someone in need brings out the good in people.  When we know of someone or a group that needs help I think we all try to do a little better and help.  
7. This last question comes to you courtesy of Kathy at Reflections...are you taking a vacation or staycation this summer? If so where are will you go? If a staycation is on the calendar have you made any special plans to fill the time?

Well I did get to take a vacation by myself back to the States to see my family.  My husband has a work trip to the States & he will take some time to go see his side of the family.  Also I am sure we will travel around here on some short day trips but we are saving for a big trip next year.  We have planned to go to Germany in the fall and hope to go to Ireland and Spain next year.

8. Insert your own random thought here:

Well I have decided to start a new blog.  Because the two that I rarely post on aren't   Actually it is because being overseas there are a few family members who just want to see what we are up to & see pics of the kids and that is it.  They don't necessarily care about all my ramblings that I do otherwise :)  But I love the Hodge Podge and blogging so I decided I should separate them.  I have zero ideas for a blog name though so I am up for suggestions.  My husband suggested:
"Krista's Crazy Koolaide - Drink It"  It is a contender because 1) it is all I have so far & 2) I find it weird and funny which I like.  So, got any ideas?

It's Okay It's Tuesday... except it is really Wednesday

So originally I was going to write the post meant for yesterday & then do my "It's Okay" post that I started doing to coincide with the blog, "Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time" but things are just not working out for that to happen so here goes just my rant instead.  Enjoy, hope over to Amber's blog and play along.

It's Okay that my youngest woke up from his 5hr power nap at 9:30pm raring to go....

It's Okay that after trying to wake him up for 30 minutes & he was not having it I just let him sleep because I thought he was down for the night with him being sickly & all

It's Okay that what keeps running through my mind is from the movie "The Other Guys" where he says, "Did that go the way you thought it would?  NOPE"

It's Okay that we are not sticking to a great sleep schedule this first week of summer vacation & by not sticking to I mean we have zero schedule at all

It's Okay that I crave a veggie tray and chocolate chip cookies at the same time which is weird.

It's Okay that I have yet to mail any Father's Day cards out to the Dads in my life... I did call them.

It's Okay that even though we are most likely moving to a different house in about a month I want to hang new pictures up in this house before I have people over on Thursday.

It's Okay that  I totally overworked and overwhelmed myself last week.  It was all worth it & I learned some great lessons.

It's Okay that I want to start a new blog and I have no name for it yet.

It's Okay that it will most likely be named "Krista's Crazy Koolaide - Drink It " which my hubby suggested which I found pretty funny so it is a contender.  Suggestions welcome.

It's Okay that I love the Big Bang Theory and stay up late top watch it.  Have you seen the Tiara episode?  Hilarious people hilarious!!

See for yourself here:

It's Okay that when I tried to add that video in the middle of the night here there was an error, everything shut down and I thought I had lost the post I had just spent considerable time on (since I was being interrupted by a three year old who should not have been up but I digress) was gone & I wanted to smash the computer.

It's Okay that this post is late.  At least it is a post right?

Enjoy the rest of you week peeps and I hope it is more than okay :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Neighborly Hodge Podge

Welcome back for Wednesday Hodge Podge.   I don't know how she does it but Joyce at
From This Side of The Pond comes up with great questions week after week for us to answer.  Hop over to her blog and join in.  

1. In what way are you your own worst enemy?

I think I am way to hard on myself.  My expectations are a bit high when it comes to what I do & so I am often disappointed because I set unattainable goals.

2. Jacques Cousteau's birthday was Monday, June 11th...ever been scuba diving? Is that something you'd like to try? What's your favorite 'under the sea' creature?

I have not been scuba diving although I would like to try it.  I did not care for snorkeling... I don't like things being able to approach you and you not realize it because you can only see directly below you.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you in and around the water? (1=not at all, 10=very) Do you know how to swim and if so how and when did you learn?

I would say 5 or 6.  I really enjoy the water but I really don't know how to swim.  I can doggy paddle pretty well but that is about it.  I really want to learn to swim properly and I want my boys to learn how to swim.  I think it is invaluable.

4. What's something you do to motivate yourself to tick an item off your to-do list?

I say if I get things done on my to do list so I am basically caught up then I get to scrapbook or read for like 3o minutes.  Work then play.  

5. What makes a good neighbor? Are you a good neighbor?

Quiet People :)  No, not just quiet people.  I think people who are courteous and friendly but not overly.  Being in the military you often get to know your neighbors well but I don't think we have ever been really good friend with any of our neighbors.  Maybe part of that comes from the fact that people come and go so often.  I think I am an okay neighbor.  We are fairly quiet and friendly but I don't really know them or make a huge effort to get to know them better because generally I am busy and caught up in our stuff.

6. Who loads the dishwasher at your house? Is there a right way and a wrong way?

Primarily I load it and my husband loads it also.  We are training the littles to help.  They do help unload.  Wrong way?  I hesitate to say wrong but I would say the Mr. and I do it differently and I prefer my method :)

7. You know it's summer when_________________________.

I live in England I don't know if it is ever really "summer"   When you see people lounging all over the Stray maybe?  When I can stop wearing long sleeves everyday.  Sigh.  Can you tell I long for warm weather which we are not enjoying here.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I hosted a baby shower for someone today & it is fun to see how excited she is by this baby.  {It is her first}  I think that people often want to tell you all the horror stories they have about when they had their baby or things their kids have done.   Yes, there are those moments that are not great... moments where you think that bedtime cannot come fast enough.  Oh but those moments of joy are so FULL of greatness and there are far more good times than bad.  Find the joy folks!

It's Okay Tuesday

I love "It's Okay Tuesday" because I feel like it is a legitimate time to vent or rant without anyone giving you any lip about it & let's face it we all need to vent sometimes.  Sometimes being daily for me to a few select few and weekly in public here.   Join in on the fun at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Dirty Sock at a Time,  a great blog I stumbled upon one day and I now stalk :)

It's okay that I paid an outrageous amount of $$$ for a tiny vegetable tray today for a baby shower I was hosting.   It made people happy & it was worth it to not have to set up and break down tables for 50 people.

It's okay that I stayed up until 2am to work on a project and then realized today that I should have done it opposite of how I did it.

It's okay that it is now 12:18 am and I am still not done with my to do list..... from yesterday

It's okay that the shoes that I bought and shipped to myself while I was on vacation in the States are still not here even though I am dying to wear them

It's okay that I find it completely hilarious in Madagascar when King Julian says, "Does anyone else have the Heebie Jeebies?  No?  Good so shut up."  Even though I don't let my kids say shut up.  It cracks me up every time.

It's okay that that one of the first thoughts that popped into my head on Sunday in church when we were talking about prayers getting answered was how much easier it would be if Jesus would just message me on facebook with what I needed to do...

It's okay that I am going to start another blog even though I barely keep up with this one...

It's okay that I am going to go to bed instead of blog more or finish my to do list :) 

Happy Tuesday folks & may the rest of your week sail by smoothly!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Return to Hodge Podge

I am returning to Hodge Podge (yay!) after a get away vacation to the States & catching up on the crazy schedule that was awaiting me here.    I am very grateful to my amazing husband who let me hit the pause button for two weeks and spend time with my family.  It was amazing but it is good to be back home with my boys.  Thanks for stopping by and after you read my answers hop over to Joyce's great blog, From This Side of the Pond to join in!  You won't regret it :)

1. How many students were in your high school graduating class? Did you know most, if not all of them?

There were 64 students I believe in my graduating class.... maybe 65.  Yes I knew each of them as well as most every other student in the school.  Sometimes it was really nice to be from some place so small & other times not so much.

2. What was the last thing you photographed?

The last thing I photographed was a giant room of chairs at an antique warehouse.  It was insane how many chairs they had.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  

3. Pickles-love 'em or loathe 'em? If it's love what's something you eat that needs a pickle?

I do like pickles.  I grew up loving sweet gerkins.  I love sweet relish on hot dogs and I love dill pickles on hamburgers.

4. What's a stereotype you perpetuate without meaning to?

Tough one.  I really am not sure.  Probably something about not being on time to things.  Maybe if you have small children you will never be on time.  It is a struggle to get us out the door in prompt fashion which makes my military husband nuts.  Poor man.  He is 15 min early to everything and 
then there is us :)

5. Ever been horseback riding? If so, is it something you enjoy? If not, do you have any interest? Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? Will you be watching the last leg of the Triple Crown this weekend?

I use to own a horse and my Grandmother started the American Bashkir Curly Horse Registration so I grew up around them.  I miss riding.  I did not watch the Derby and I will probably miss the Triple Crown but I really hope to attend some horse events here in England next year.

6. What's your favorite wedding movie?

Favorite wedding movie.  There are lots of great movies but one of my current faves is The Proposal.  Not your standard movie I know but great :)

7. What is one 'tourist attraction' in the USA you'd like to see in person?

I have three areas :)    1)New York and the Statue of  Liberty, Time Square, etc.  2) Washington D.C  the White House & all the great stuff there, 3) Zions National Park in Utah

8. Insert your own random thought here.

We went and saw Elton John in concert last night and it was so much fun to get out with other adults and just have fun.  The concert was very good & the 
people watching amazing :)