Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Okay It's Tuesday... except it is really Wednesday

So originally I was going to write the post meant for yesterday & then do my "It's Okay" post that I started doing to coincide with the blog, "Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time" but things are just not working out for that to happen so here goes just my rant instead.  Enjoy, hope over to Amber's blog and play along.

It's Okay that my youngest woke up from his 5hr power nap at 9:30pm raring to go....

It's Okay that after trying to wake him up for 30 minutes & he was not having it I just let him sleep because I thought he was down for the night with him being sickly & all

It's Okay that what keeps running through my mind is from the movie "The Other Guys" where he says, "Did that go the way you thought it would?  NOPE"

It's Okay that we are not sticking to a great sleep schedule this first week of summer vacation & by not sticking to I mean we have zero schedule at all

It's Okay that I crave a veggie tray and chocolate chip cookies at the same time which is weird.

It's Okay that I have yet to mail any Father's Day cards out to the Dads in my life... I did call them.

It's Okay that even though we are most likely moving to a different house in about a month I want to hang new pictures up in this house before I have people over on Thursday.

It's Okay that  I totally overworked and overwhelmed myself last week.  It was all worth it & I learned some great lessons.

It's Okay that I want to start a new blog and I have no name for it yet.

It's Okay that it will most likely be named "Krista's Crazy Koolaide - Drink It " which my hubby suggested which I found pretty funny so it is a contender.  Suggestions welcome.

It's Okay that I love the Big Bang Theory and stay up late top watch it.  Have you seen the Tiara episode?  Hilarious people hilarious!!

See for yourself here:

It's Okay that when I tried to add that video in the middle of the night here there was an error, everything shut down and I thought I had lost the post I had just spent considerable time on (since I was being interrupted by a three year old who should not have been up but I digress) was gone & I wanted to smash the computer.

It's Okay that this post is late.  At least it is a post right?

Enjoy the rest of you week peeps and I hope it is more than okay :)


  1. That is one of the best BBT scenes EVER. Hands-down!
    Also, I never get fully around to hanging stuff until people come over- and I seem to hang more stuff with each thing I host. Odd that my walls aren't falling down yet.. but it does explain why my food's never fully cooked or my piles of mail/junk are just thrown in the bedroom seconds before people arrive (okay, right after they ring the bell...) because I was too busy leveling nails and measuring space between frames- PRIORITIES!
    Also, moving? Do you have a house yet? Need help/boxes (I've got a few, not too many though).

  2. Your whole post is hilarious! I've never watched BBT but I think I just might now. :) If you like the blog name, go for it! I've been thinking of changing the name of mine, but it's hard to come up with something that "fits," so I think I will keep it. It's Okay--ha!

  3. It's totally okay if this post is late!

    I need to start watching The Big Bang Theory. The bits I've seen of the show I really like.


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