Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sleep... we all need sleep & other random things

So random things to tell you about:

We have been busy around here but in the evenings and then we end up going to bed late... really late which is not good for any of us especially small children.

One of my children thew up in a giant container of Legos yesterday... that was not fine to clean.  Imagine soaking hundreds of tiny Legos in the bathtub,then using a colander to strain and rinse them before lugging them into the other room and let them air dry all over the towels you have spread on your bedroom floor.  It took me over 30 minutes.  I really am not a huge Lego fan right now.

I learned how to turn on a lawn mower and I mowed the front lawn.  I was proud and exhausted and hey if when I made the first pass over the lawn it looked like a drunk had done it oh well.

I am addicted to a new muffin recipe I discovered.  It is an egg-less recipe that has bananas and chocolate in it.  SOOOOOO yummy!  If you want the recipe let me know & I will get it to you.

My dog is not getting enough exercise & so he is driving me bonkers.  I feel bad because it is not his fault he is annoying and I currently can't take him out more for a variety of reasons so we are stuck in a vicious cycle of loathing and loving one another.

The dog did eat HALF a pizza... I was not very pleased about that to say the least.  That was my food.

I had book club tonight & those ladies crack me up!  I know someone who belongs to a book club but they don't actually read books anymore they just go do things together which also cracks me up.

I meant to write this but in funnier form & more stuff yesterday but obviously that did not happen so that brings us to today which is very often the case around here.

Alright enough randomness I am going to go eat some ice cream.


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