Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday post although technically it is Friday as of five minutes ago......

So today is the one day in this week that my kids slept in.  It was also the ONE day we had to be somewhere in the morning.  One of my children woke me up at 9am {and yes it was glorious to sleep in until then which they never do} and I panicked because I had somewhere to be at 10am.  Never gonna happen.
No breakfast yet, two were still asleep, two of us were in need of showers, we still had to drop off the dog to doggy daycare.  Then the power went out.
I rolled up to my friends house at 10:45am.  I am lucky that she is one mellow lady and is use to our antics so I am sure she wasn't really expecting us at 10 anyway.  But I try really hard not to be late and if I am late no more than 15 minutes.

It is now 12:09am I am still up and my kids went to bed at about 11pm.  I wonder what time we shall all wake tomorrow.  I am betting early because in lieu of real dinner my kids had lunchables at 5:30pm, some vegetables sometime later and part of a box of Kix Cereal. As to how much they actually consumed of the cereal I could not say because when I went up to check on them and their snack the majority of the box was all over the floor.
See I invited some girl's over tonight for adult conversation and giggles so after feeding the kids I sent them upstairs to watch a movie and snack on cereal.  While I vacuumed up said box of cereal at 10pm I thought maybe it had not been my best plan BUT, they were quiet and good up there and it was delightful to laugh and talk and get to know these girl's better.

All day long I had an actual post topic in my head but now it eludes me so you are stuck with this :)Enough rambling I must sleep because I have to wake up early for breakfast... surely the God's will not be kind enough to let me sleep in TWO mornings in a row :)   Maybe tomorrow I will share my tale of why I had to watch Wonder Pets for several hours the other morning.  Cheers!


  1. Sounds like a perfect start to summer....isn't that what summers are about.
    I'm the opposite...I've been awake since 5am coughing and I hope I can make it to 9pm are way for more! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I hope they surprise you and let you sleep in again.


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