Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random thoughts

Some thoughts:

Yesterday was a bad day. Kids not listening, I was cranky, we all fed off each other and very nearly imploded.

Their Father came home and rescued us all.

Dylan called me a stupid ugly girl and I am still not over it. (Yes I realize he is the three year old not me)

I have to go to work tonight and I do not want to. This happens nearly every time I go to work these days. I feel guilty for going, I am sad because I don't want to miss time away and yet getting to talk to adults and using my brain for different tasks is nice. I really enjoy my job most of the time. But the work vs not work mental struggle is getting old.

Military life has so many great things, some crummy things. I am being faced with one of the crummy crummies possibly.

I wish I had more time and knowledge to get this blog to look how I would like it to...

I really really wish I could go back to school. Why did I quit again? Oh ya because I was young and super stupid.

Alright enough random rambling.

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