Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the Season To Be Busy

Here was my schedule today.

6:30 am wake up
8:15 am drop kid off at school (He was suppose to be there at 8)
8:30 Dog to dog spot for day
9:00 Walmart trip for bananas, a binder and black spray paint
9:30 Appointment back on base(which i forgot about and missed
10:00 Appointment number two(which I was only at for 15 min because I had to go get kid #2 from school)
10:45 Went to the thrift store for 20 minutes
11:05 Went home for 40 min to feed all three kids
11:45 Took another kid to school... froze standing outside
12:20ish Came home and attempted to eat lunch, do dishes, laundry, work on my business and play with my kids
2:40 Pick up kid from school along with two others
3:15 Should have headed to story hour but decided I was too tired for chasing Benji through the library (and the other librians probably were thankful I skipped a week becuase of said chasing)
4:00 Made cupcakes for my child who insists he has never had a cupcake (which is a total fabrication!)
5:00 Ran cupcakes to a friend in exchange for some yummy homemade chicken nuggets
5:15 Went to pick up the dog
5:55 Came home - Woke all three kid who were asleep in car
Spent 15 minutes trying to calm down cranky tired kids and get them to eat
6:20ish Ate dinner, realized I forgot basekball practice
7:00 Cleaned up from dinner
8:00 Found a last minute babysitter so I could go to work this weekend
8:15 Cleaned playroom with kids and played the duck game
8:40ish Pajamas and Brushed Teeth
8:50ish Read 6 book to lunatic kids (yes I know they are up too late)
9:20iah Spent over 30 min attempting to get Benji to stay in his bed and sleep
Luckily he finally was tired enough to stop climbing out
10 something Talked to my husband to say goodnight via Verizon
10:45 Freaked out when I realized how close to Christmas it is and completely unprepared I am
11pm Came downstairs, looked at my kitchen and decided computer time was more important and fun than cleaning
11:49 Ate ice cream and went to bed and tried not to think about all the things on my list I never even got to

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  1. I have these kind of days,, so feel your pain. hang in there.


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