Friday, December 10, 2010

Things I Never Thought I would have to say to my kids

Here are some of the random things I have said to atleast one of my children at some point in their lives. Keep in mind the oldest is a mere 6 years old.

- No you cannot ride your brother like a horse

-No you cannot ride the puppy like a horse

-Take the plunger off your head

-Do not eat food you find under the table

-Do not eat food you find under car seats in the van

-No I don't want to look at your poop

-Yes if you dip your apples and green beans in ketchup to eat them I migh tpuke because that is gross

-We do not throw dog food all over the living room

-You cannot sit in the dogs food or water bowl

-No we are not having Halloween candy for breakfast

And many more gems to come I am sure!

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