Monday, January 3, 2011

And the Holidays are Over....

Well the holidays are over and I can honestly say while I enjoyed them I am glad it is done. I just had trouble getting into the full spirit this year of things. I kept thinking we are moving... I don't need more to pack up or go through... lets not buy any presents. But of course I wanted presents so that wasn't going to work...
And then there was the tree. We starting decorating it at 9pm on a Sunday night before Bill headed off on a trip... about 20 minutes later I was done. We put the kids to bed and I had the best of intentions of finishing it later. It never happened... what did happen was a pathetic tree. I will have to post pics of that tomorrow. I was seriously embarrassed when my friends and family saw it. But then I reminded myself it wasn't about the tree or the presents... none of that is the reason for the season right. As the boys are getting older I look forward to teaching them that it is not about the presents but about his presence.

So as January begins I get ready to start the crazy crazy part of my life to get ready to move overseas. I am overwhelmed at what all there is to be accomplished, I am exited to go and so so so sad to be moving away from dear friends and my family. Looking at castles is going to be amazing though !!

Alright enough rambling I need to get my kids dressed it is 9:30 after all.

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  1. Umm.... maybe I missed this, but where are you moving? katie


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