Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Housework Thank You and I'm Sorry

I was talking to a friend lastnight about how you can't ever get it all done. There will not be a day in the near future where all my laundry is done & put away, house clean, dinner cooked, all of us looking presentable, etc. It is just not gonna happen. The fact that doesn't happen often REALLY stresses me out... I try not to let it bother me. I get there are seasons to life and I am not in the season of a clean house all the time - I fondly remember those days when I was but still it bothers me.
So I asked her how she managed to stay mellow and not let it get her down and she said this is what I told my husband long ago and what I believe.
If you come home and the house is a total mess I want you to say, "Thank you for playing with our kids and taking care of them so well all day. That is what is MOST important." For those days you come home and everything is in order say, "I am sorry you had to ignore our kids today and take care of the house"
It really made me think all night long. I think that is how I need to look at it. If I get stuff done, fantastic but it can not be my main goal these days. Because I have three little boys who are amazing and deserve better from me. So I had to share but I am off the computer so I can go play some Mario Party 8 with my kids.

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