Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Not Like She Made It....

Yesterday the hubs came home with the flu & I had a two hour pain session at the dentist so when it came time for dinner nobody was feeling it. Except perhaps our three starving children.
I decided I could maybe slurp some soup down & of course had none. So then I decided to go to the commisary.. except it was Monday. So that left the shopette... for you non military types it would be like going to a 7-Eleven to grocery shop.. but smaller.
There I found a microwavable Campbells Chunky Chicken Soup.. for $3. It was not large. I bought two because the kids had decided they also wanted soup. Looking back I should have known that was crap but I was drugged at the time (remember dentist appointment from earlier - I reqeuested extra pain meds at onset of appointment) Came home, heated the soup up, made sandwiches and peeled a banana, put it on plates in front of them. It took much coaxing to get Dylan to even attempt the soup "what are these green things?" "what is the white stuff that isn't noodles?" (Say this in an extremely whiny voice when reading for full effect)
15 minutes later he announces, "Who made this yummy dinner?" And I lit up because yes he was excited about dinner and even GASP eating it. Then chimes in child number one, "It's not like she made it." Excuse me but what did you just have the nerve to utter?
Now that Benjamin is almost two I have more time on my hands and energy for meal planning and I have been trying all kinds of recipes and cooking all kinds of great meals none of which they appreciate whatsoever. So after the day I had had, I thought they were lucky for microwave soup and a banana. Apparently not everyone felt this way.

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