Thursday, January 13, 2011

Me vs Jesus

One of my children out of the blue one day announced the following: "I don't like Jesus, Jesus is mean" After picking my jaw up off the floor we had a long talk about how nice Jesus actually is. Apparently he is on the BFF bandwagon with him now according to our latest conversations.
I was making lunch the other day and started to put chips on his plate. The same chips HE always eats. ALWAYS. He snarled his chip preference to me and I said, "hello I made you 4 years ago, I make your lunch daily and buy the groceries I think I know which chips you all want."
His reply "you didn't make me Jesus did." I had no comment. I just grabbed another Diet Pepsi out of the fridge and cracked open what I refer to as "mommy juice".
Today one of the drawers was stuck on their dresser and I was attempting to unstick it. He told me, "You have to pull and then push that lock thing down mom" And being the ever patient non-sarcastic mom that I am I replied with, "I know I made this dresser." And he the witty little boy he is replied with, "No you didn't. Jesus makes everything so he made it."
And I replied with: "Jesus made trees. Someone cut down the trees to make wood. Someone took wood and said, hey lets cut these boards up to make a dresser, they cut the pieces and put them all in a box. I went to the store and bought the box which Dad carried into our living room & we proceeded to put together said dresser. So I guess it was a group effort. Jesus, Dad AND Mom." Then I had to get more mommy juice.

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