Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

So I got the call today that we have been waiting for... the one I wasn't expecting until next week.

It's offical we are headed to England.

I was so relieved that we had an answer and then I was excited because the opportunity it gives us as a family is tremendous. I am sad because I have an amazing group of friends here, my family is close, and the kids have great friends that none of us want to leave.

I start thinking of castles to go see, EuroDisney, traveling to Ireland, Italy wherever liked I have always dreamed and am happy.
Then, I asked how long the flight was....part of it is over 9 hours. Thats the second leg (whuck?) and we have a layover for the ENTIRE day in Amsterdamn. And I have three little boys ... under 6 and I was back to not so excited again.
I am not a Trekkie but why someone has not come up with a teleporter by now so we can beam wherever by now is beyond me. Get on it people !!


  1. I'm all for the teleporter Krista! You are hilarious! Miss ya tons and best of luck in England! :) Happy Bday to your little man too!

  2. You are clearly not a Trekie since it is a trasnporter and not a teleporter. And, that's not a jet plane by the's a prop plane.

  3. Will you be blogging about your move? We are also slated to go to England this year and any insight would be a great help to me. I like to try to be as prepared as possible!


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