Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stale Bread and Contradictions

I have not been blogging... in case you hadn't noticed. HA
I have nothing and everything going on all at once. I am not working anymore at the theater... which makes me sad and happy all at the same time.
We are going through all our stuff deciding what is "worthy" enough to make the trip with us to England. The problem with that is I think everything we have is fantastic and should go... and then reality kicks me in the head and I sigh and start sorting again. {Yes Bill you read that right I have actually been sorting and doing things... all though it looks as though no progress has been made}
Moving overseas is so thrilling and I cannot wait to travel and see some of the sights we will be able to see but as time gets closer I wish I had 30 or 60 more days to go see all the things I should have gone to see three years ago that are close by, 30 more days to go see friends and family that I want to see but have not been able to. More time to go eat at all the restaraunts I will miss for the next four years, more time to work out and stick with it so I can go buy a new wardrobe before leaving. I can't wait to be gone and done with all this and yet each day closer breaks my heart a little more that I am indeed leaving...
I will most likely be crying the first half of the flight to be leaving such amazing friends and my dear family and I know that it is not forever... that we can still talk and all that but change is hard. The only thing going for me to keep my emotions in check is the fact we leave at a craptastic hour, I most likely will not have had soda and I will have to be fake cheery for my confused kiddos.
I know that they have restaraunts and shops in England... even in the tiny semi remote place we are moving to. But I don't know which ones to go to there... here I do. I am a creature of habit. Ridiculously so...Once I find a path to take to someone house I will not alter it... I have driven the same way to Walmart for 4 years now... even though there is different routes... I drive the same way to the library, I order the same meal every time I go to Macaroni Grill - why because it is my favorite and it is so good.
I know I will make friends in England and the ones that I have here will still be my friend but I suck at it. It takes me a LONG time to make friends.
Typing all this out makes me think that I am a semi boring So maybe I need some shaking up and apparently that is just what life has in store for us. So while my blog posting is as stale as day old bread these days I hope to have some really great stuff come spring :)

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