Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Live from unprepared Hermitville

Well I am doing a craptastic job of blogging as of late. Last week I missed doing Hodge Podge (which usually guarantees one day of blogging) and anything else in the blog sphere because we had company in town and we were running around visiting parks, castles (I have photographic proof above), eating too many sweets, etc. The week before though I have no excuse to give or pictures to share.

So company came and left and now we are preparing for another visit. So I am frantically trying to finish hanging pictures and unpack the last few boxes we have because you can hide that you are not done for a week from good friends but I am pretty sure in the 5 weeks he is going to be here my Dad might stroll into the garage and wonder what the heck I have been doing with my time when it looks like such a train wreck.

Also mid last week it dawned on me that school was starting soon. Too soon. We are woefully unprepared . England is not the ideal place when you are a hermit procrastinator. Not only is my son not starting with his new backpack that I very recently ordered (typed while I hang my head in shame) but we had to buy clothes and shoes with no black sole which was no easy feat. I am still missing the canvas bag that I am to label and put them in but oh well. Luckily for me the library has given us like 8 canvas bags to take home our many books in each week so I think I am about to re-purpose one of those. Lucky for me he is only in 1st grade and hopefully won't care that I have reduced, reused and recycled to get him school supplies because I am slacker. I am a classic procrastinator and so I am accustom to letting things go to long but then I can run out to a plethora of stores and grab what I need. Oh how I miss thee Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Archivers, Old Navy, the list goes on and on. Let's not even get into the restaurants.

So not only am I a procrastinator but I am turning into a hermit here. It is hard to take three kids downtown with you to wander store by store and find things. Especially when one of them is a strong willed two year old. I don't know where to go, parking my van is a pain and it is just more expensive here. Now, while I have just been ranting about it let me assure that I love it here. Aside from lack of Olive Garden and Target and friends it rocks. It is beautiful here which I really can't say enough & there is lots to do but I am not out doing any of it.
I was talking {and by talking I mean whining} to one of my friends recently and I told her I was so bored and why wasn't she awake when I was, it was cruel that it would be breakfast time here and 3am there so we couldn't chat. And she said how could you be bored you just moved to England. Well said and excellent point.

So I am signing off for now so I can go finish the mass gathering of school supplies which really considering I have until Monday the kid should be lucky I am on top of this today and not Sunday night :) Then we are off to explore something even if I have to drag my kids away from the TV and toys kicking and screaming and I am sure by the end I will want to scream. I am excited about adding more cool pictures to my England album though for sure.

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