Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wednesday HodgePodge

So I found this cool thing on someone else's blog and thought I would try it this week. It is called Wednesday HodgePodge & I figure anything that helps give my brain a break and yet provokes thought at the same time is golden. Here goes.

1) Favorite Song Lyric:

Hmmm. I love about a million songs but the one stuck in my head now is "My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came."
I am slightly embarassed that it is a Hanson song (pointed out to me by my hubbie no less) but it reminds me of all the amazing people I have in my life and all the friends I am really missing right now since moving.

2) Last time someone yelled at you:

I am sure my kids have yelled at me more recent than this but the incident that sticks out in my mind is when we were moving. We were in my hometown driving down the street and someone speeds up and starts honking at us and so I roll down my window and she yells, "Hey that was a school zone" So I look at the spedometer and we are going 18 in a 15. Yes we were speeding and I don't condone it but 3 miles.. but how fast did she have to crank her speed up to catch us? Oh and by the way... it is a block long and school wasn't even in session.

3) Money, fame, happiness - are they mutually exclusive?

While I think happiness does not depend or equal money I think that many people think they can purchase happiness with money. A quick lift of happy when you buy a new pair of shoes, etc. But lastning happiness ... no. I think you can be happy without out money or fame. How's that for a rambling unclear answer :)

4) What is your favorite dish to prepare for family and friends that doesn't require turning on the stove, oven or an outdoor grill?

Initial thought was ice cream. One because it is my favorite and two I couldn't think of anything you could prepare without cooking. Now typing though I think salad or chips and salsa.

5) The 1st week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week. What is one thing you could do this week to simplify your life? Will you do it?

To simplify my life I could just not stress as much as I normally do. Mellow out and just let things happen. Not overthink everything and try to do too much.
Will I do it? Probably not.

6) On a scale of 1 - 10 (with 10 being 100% and 1 being not at all) how tuned in are you to your country's national political scene?

Growing up my mom was VERY involved in politics and we traveled to Republican Conventions etc. Then I completely got away from it in college. I have been slowly easing my way back into things. So I use to be a 8 or 9... now I am at a 3.

7) What are your final parting words to the month of July?

Oh July I wish I could have enjoyed your weather more instead of unpacking boxes.

8) My own random thought

I was looking at the calendar and was thinking, "Yay it's August, oh crap it's August." I have zero school clothes for my children and yesterday afternoon they each had one pair of jeans that did not have holes or stains. After our park outing that is down to zero. I just don't want to deal with it though.. ordering online, hoping it fits, driving 20 min back to base with three kids to return it if it doesn't. I am too lazy for all that. Maybe I will bribe my sister with doing it for me and mailing it to me. (Insert evil cackle here)

Thanks Joyce that was fun! If you want to play go here to Joyces page:


  1. Welcome to the Hodgepodge-glad you played along today. Now I'm singing Oomm-bop : )

  2. I'm not so great at the whole "not stressing" thing myself :/

  3. Ice cream is my favorite too :)


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