Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Wednesday Q & A Time

After you check my answers to this weeks questions head over to Joyce's page here and join in !!

1. What is one piece of advice you would give a 'just turning' 21- year old adult?

Slow down and learn. You think you know so much, but you don't. You think everything needs to happen now, it doesn't.

2. Besides cooler weather (or warmer weather, depending on your hemisphere) what is one thing you are looking forward to this fall?

I look forward to sweaters & boots. I love boots and luckily for me the English seem to share my obsession with boots because I would say over 75% of women I see have them on nearly all the time.

3. What sound lulls you to sleep?

Falling rain is my favorite but usually it is my husband and dog snoring.

4. September is National Preparedness Month...does your family have an emergency 'kit' and/or disaster plan in place?

Well I am working on 72 hour kits but I always have extra food on hand and I am working on having much more done. Better to be safe than sorry. I found a good site where you gather things slowly. For example in your long term storage maybe you are gathering rice this month and in your short term an extra set of clothes for everyone. I think it helps to break it down and make it simple. If you want to check out the site go here.

5. How has your blog changed since you started blogging? Or has it?

Well I started it on a total lark. I guess it has changed as I know am taking it seriously and I wonder about what I really want to blog about... do I want to use one blog to talk about my adorable family & our trips etc and vent and rant about all the crazy thoughts I have and the chaos of the world? I don't know. I just know I want to write every day even if it is crap.

6. What's something you've recently learned to do on the computer?

Nothing but I plan on taking some classes very soon.

7. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

Hmmm...I think pictures can be soooooo telling and yet there are these pictures that have you longing for the story and words that go with them.

8. Insert your own random here.

I never use to be huge into decorating. I blame this on my mother and sister who LOVE to put things on their walls. My husbands and I's first "real" apartment had nothing on the walls for three years besids a calendar. I had pictures in frames on tables, etc just not on the walls. Now I can not get stuff up fast enough or enough up and we have been here a short time. Funny how we evolve even in simple/random ways.


  1. Good advice for any age really. I'm a my walls need something on them kind of gal, except in my bedroom I'm stuck been living here a year and they are bare. I'm searching for inspiration. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Where do you live? Just curious. Or nosy depending on your point of view : ) I don't need the street but you mentioned 'the English' so I'm curious.

    I have a small boot obsession too.

  3. The Germans are keen on their boots too. Boots, skinny jeans, and leather cropped jackets seem to make up the look. I like boots, but cannot do skinny jeans, and I need a coat to cover my tush. Hey, it's cold outside!

  4. I really agree with #6. Sometimes I see a picture and really wonder what the story is behind it. But then, I can always make up my own story to go with it, can't I? : )

  5. I love sweaters too!

    I like how you said that you write every day, even if it's "crap". LOL ;)

    I'm not much of a decorator myself, though I wish I was. I just can't seem to figure out how to make things go together.

  6. Loved your advice in #1! If only it were that easy!!


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