Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hodge Podge Vol 48 or Wednesday the only day I now blog

Welcome to Hodge Podge and apparently the only time I ever blog.  After you have read my brilliant answers hop over to Joyce's page here and join up.  It is great fun and if nothing else gives you a break from having to come up with somethign to write about today :)

1. Have you ever been 'asked' to report for jury duty? Were you chosen to serve? If not, were you happy or disappointed?

I have been selected twice. Each time was at the beginning of an International Move. The first time I was excused before appearing and the second time I had to sit through half a day. I think that it could be very interesting to be part of the process but the problem with it for me is time constraints and the instability of that. You could be there a day or a week... I found it difficult to have to "maybe" arrange childcare for two toddlers for an unknown amount of time and hours.

2. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being very) how mechanically inclined are you? Give an example to back up your answer.

Hmmm... I wish I was a 10 that would rock. I would give myself a 3. I can follow basic directions for things like putting together furniture, etc. If I am shown how to do something I usually understand much better but if I had to rip apart an engine and rebuild it I would be jacked.

3. Beets-cabbage-cauliflower-butternut squash...of the four, which is your favorite fall vegetable?

Pumpkin pie doesn't count? I suppose I will settle for butternut squash. Actually all joking aside my mom used to make this squash recipe where she baked it with bacon and maple syrup and it was delicious !! I have not attempted it yet but this might be the year it makes a comeback at the Thanksgiving table.

4. What do you recommend to overcome self-pity?

I think you have to get up and do something. If it is something simple like do dishes I think that anytime you get up and use energy for something other than those energy sucking wallowing thoughts it is a good thing. Helping others is a great way. I think everyone at times has the right to self pity... like 30 min max and then it is time to snap out of it and move on. Again here goes my favorite quote, "You can't roll your sleeves up and wring your hands at the same time."

5. Do you enjoy classical music?

I think I always found classical music relaxing and now I am learning to appreciate it and enjoy it. I worked with someone who said they had "Classical Sundays" and the ONLY music allowed to be played on that day was classical. I like that idea of having one day where it is only that and might adapt it myself. {Side note: his son is now a classical musician}

6. October is National Book Month...what's on your reading list this month?

I love to read as does the majority of my family. My dad once said that if we were reading a good book the house good burn down around me, my mom or my sister and we would never notice. My husband is the same way.
I just got the book, The Help, which I want to read prior to seeing the movie and found a new author Tracy Kiely that I like. She has two more books out that I want to pick up{She writes murder mysteries and likes Jane Austen a lot} I do have a certain list but I have big plans to find more to add to one.

7. What is your idea of 'cute' ?

Cute can be such an open ended word. I think "cute" is in the eye of the beholder but I would say babies are always cute.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

My husband and I are going to start a weight loss program together. He had the idea of blogging about it to motivate us. In theory great idea... in reality I am not sure. Also while I would like to be healthy and in shape again I dread the whole weight loss extravaganza that we are about to embark on. The end result will be great and well worth it... it is the points between that and the beginning that worry me.


  1. The Help is one of my all time favorites. I haven't met anyone who didn't love the book. Good luck with your weight loss venture!

  2. God bless you on your weight loss journey. It's just so hard! I am currently trying to get in better shape myself... I would like to look and feel a little better before my daughter's April wedding.


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