Thursday, October 27, 2011

Like and Dislikes

So there are some things I am loving and not loving this week.

I love fall/winter time so I can make yummy soups but I dislike schlepping my kids about in the cold, rain and snow. It blows.

 {I fear this is what the inside of my car will look like by the time we are all loaded}

I love that I have three boys who are so fun.... until I have to clean three bathrooms used by the boys. I feel for you mammas who have all girls and having to get them ready, do their hair, etc. I don't have that to deal with but everytime I clean those bathrooms I think two things, 1) I need to hire a maid and 2) Girl mommas are lucky in the bathroom cleaning department.
On a semi related note we had to change the toilet seat again in the boys bathroom... I think that is number 4 and we have been here 6 months. In their defense the first one was broken when we moved in but the other three... just what do they do in there?

I love Pinterest and all the amazing ideas I am finding but I dislike the giant time suck it can be.

I love that I finally got my craft room done ... well 99.9% done and I love that I have lots of things I want to finish and make. I dislike that I have so many unfinished projects to hurry and get done. I really needed to be more on the ball.

I love that I have a second refrigerator so I can actually fit more than a carton of eggs, container of milk and one pack of lunchmeat in it. I dislike unpacking groceries into two and trying to remember what I put where.

I love that in my new super cold fridge that when I get a Pepsi out to drink it is actually so cold that there are bits of slushy ice in it.....cannot think of a disklike for that

I love that I have an opportunity to get published as a writer {other than on blogger} and I dislike that I am chicken enough I might not take the opportunity.

How are things shaping up for you this week? What are some of your likes and dislikes?

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I hear ya. Loud and clear. We lived in snowy Colorado winters for nearly 45 years. Raised our family there. I grew more hateful of trekking and driving in winter each year. That's why we retired to the South. LOL [But, still.....the snow and cold crisp winter days are beautiful---looking out from indoors. LOL]

    My Link today: A PARODY Have a great Thursday.


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