Friday, March 16, 2012

Edward Cullen would be a handy guy to have around....just sayin

Late last night while I was up on a cleaning spree I found myself thinking about how tired I was and how I wished there was less to do and a better time than 1am to do it in.  In my mind ramblings I started thinking about Twilight and vampires and it occurred to me that having Edward Cullen would be pretty handy to have around.  Why you ask? Well.....

1- He is a fellow night owl.  He gets why I like to stay up late even though I am zombie like the next day. And, if I am going to be up late it needs to be for a reason other than cleaning.  Like scrapbooking, reading, etc.  Scrubbing toilets is not my idea of a good time.

2- He does not sleep.  That means HE could be up all night cleaning instead of me.  I could wake up rested to a clean house all the time.  That would be so fantastic it almost breaks my heart how impossible it is.

3- He is super super fast.  So he could clean really fast and then maybe whip up some batches of muffins for breakfast.

4- He's been around for a long time so he is brilliant at many things.  Awesome. In fact, he is probably such a great cook {even though he does not eat which equals more for me which is a bonus and yes I can be selfish like that} that he should just take that over as well.  Edward will be a better cook than me and I am okay with that because it means I am no longer the short order cook around here making three different meals.  Instead someone is bringing me some gourmet food.  Lovin it!

5- He is incredible strong which makes rearranging furniture and those frequent moves we do much easier.  "What you want me to move all the couches and your china cabinet?  No you don't like that arrangement?  No problem let's do it again."

6- Animals seem to avoid vampires so that takes care of the nasty mouse that is living in my garage.  Seems preferable to the current traps I have out.  I am not enthused about any part of that.

7.  How fast could your house be decorated after you move in?  He could hang all my pictures in what like 30 minutes tops?  How sweet would that be?  No more days of trying to get it done because  you are so busy trying to find a shower curtain and towels in the 800 boxes you have to open.

8.  I am sure I have an eight but again I thought of this at 1am and then didn't get to type it up until like 11:30pm the next night so .....the rest are up to you :)

 If you could have some made up character in your life to help you who would it be and why?

*And yes I adore my husband and still want him here, and yes he does cook, hand pictures etc.  We have the same problem of both being really busy & when we do have free time it sucks to be using it on the non fun stuff.  So I just need an assistant and I think Edward would fit the bill nicely.


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    1. Thanks Tracy! What is about muffins? They are so good especially when I don't have to make them :)

  2. He does sound helpful. I just hate how he'd watch me when I slept. I'd be like, "Uh? Edward? Piss off."

    1. I need to remember not to be drinking when I read your comments and blog posts because once again I almost sprayed my computer with liquid that I spit out when I burst into laughter :)
      "Uh? Edward? Piss off." PRICELESS !!


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