Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Belated It's Okay Tuesday

Well once again I am a day late and a dollar short.  Okay really I could use more than a single dollar if someone was handing out money but I digress.  We really have not had much happening here that is blog worthy... just lots of running back and forth back and forth and back and forth.  I do really enjoy my rant/vent that I do on Tuesday though so I am still doing it and you can't stop me.  {Insert maniacal laughter here}

It's okay that my son took soooooooooooo long in the bathroom yesterday that we missed the bus and I had to drive him to school.... 25 min away... and spent 50 min in the car that I did not have

It's okay that I took my dog to the vet yesterday for an appointment my husband had scheduled and when they asked why I had brought him in I told them I had no idea.... 

It's okay that they asked even though they already KNEW why I was bringing him....apparently my husband told them on the phone and it was in his chart.  I don't think it was necessary they asked but it is okay that they did.

It's okay that for over a month now I have listed Crock Pot Orange Chicken on my weekly menu for Tuesday and have not cooked it yet.

It's okay that we had sandwiches for dinner last night because I had not started anything in the morning (again) and it was late when we got home from baseball.  Tuesdays blow.

It's okay that I gave my sister a list of 7 places that I want to go eat when I go visit them soon.  Eating is my priority on this trip which is pretty funny since prior to this trip my goal is eating little and healthy so I can lose weight and buy new clothes while I am gone.

It's okay that I look forward to that quiet plane ride by myself.

It's okay that I am only 20% done with my book for book club tonight but I plan on spending some quality time with my kindle today and hopefully hitting 100% by 6pm tonight.

It's okay that the more I talk about being a writer the less I am writing.  This too shall pass.  

It's okay that I am trying to wait until I get to the states to get my hair done & my eyebrows waxed yet I am vain enough that I don't want to walk around looking awful for the next few weeks here. Frugality vs looking good.  It's a conundrum.  

Alright enough blabber I got a book to read :)  Have a fab week!


  1. I always seem to be that one that couldn't finish the book for book club, yet when I am reading something that is not the book club book I seem fly though it! Oh I remember when I use to come home for a week when I was in Korea and the crazy list of all the foods I wanted to eat! Enjoy your quite flight!

  2. Ah, a quiet airplane ride. Sounds heavenly!

  3. I always plan trips home based on food- once I even complained to my mom that although she's a great cook I didn't fly across the Atlantic for her chicken and rice; I needed Chinese food! Have a great trip!!

  4. I really need to get my eyebrows done. They are looking extra bushy..


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