Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Okay Tuesday

It's Okay that I am in a writing rut and I am too lazy to log on and blog so much these days.... I will snap out of it.  

It's Okay that it is Spring Break and my two youngest are dying to go somewhere and my oldest and I are embracing not leaving the house for a week straight.  I need a break from running like a crazy woman.

It's Okay that when I bought a bunch of produce my husband said, "why did you buy all that?" like I had bought out the entire produce section at several stores instead of saying something more apprpriate like, "wow honey I am glad you are really embracing this eating healthier thing"

It's Okay that my first thought after he said that was punching him in the face.

It's Okay that I have yet to mail my nieces baby presents that I have for her.  I have had them for months... she had her baby on Sunday.  Yep I am awesome like that.

It's Okay that I am trying to rework our budget so I can hire someone to clean bathrooms and help around the house.

It's Okay that I am addicted to a show called Generations Project and get all hyped about Genealogy and yet still have yet to do any.  {Here is the link to the show and the one that got me stuck.  It is sad, happy and amazing!  http://byutv.org/watch/a4b2acab-163e-4ca7-94a8-b21a78c21c29  }

It's Okay that I am finding eating healthier and making the time to work out so hard.  

It's Okay that I am going to end this to go scrub toilets.... what a glamorous life I lead :)

Now that you have read my "It's Okay on Tuesday" thoughts hop over to 
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  1. I loved Spring Break since I didn't have to go anywhere. But my kids started to drive me nuts towards the end.

  2. I try to eat healty...it more or less stinks some/most days. Oh I would love to be able to just pay someone else to clean my tolit!

  3. Just for the record, your husband was saying "why did you buy all this" because it was too much and he figured half of it would go bad and be thrown out (which it was). I am proud of you trying to eat better, just not when you buy more produce than we can possibly eat in a week. :) Love you!


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