Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July

Here we do not celebrate the 4th of July on the actual 4th due to large protests they have here.  So on another weekend they had a big carnival on the base and I took the boys and the dog since Bill was on a business trip.  We left Finley in the car for the first half & we wandered around and the kids had a blast on the rides!  We got Finley out later and that was a huge mistake because he was freaking out... I felt really bad for him and next year will board him at the kennel for the celebrations.  Here are some pics from the night.  We were there from around 2pm until 10pm that night and it rained off and on pretty hard.  At one point the boys were just soaked (while they were jumping on trampolines) & I almost headed home but we managaed to find a tent to dry off in for a bit & they were not ready to go.

This ride seemed like a happy medium to me between to small and to big but I think G was not too thrilled with it but I was very grateful he was willing to ride a few times with B. D loved it all.

The older two really really loved the funhouse and spent a lot of time in that as well as riding this spinning thing with another friend of theirs.  At one point they went three times in a row and I was amazed that they could walk & no one vomited.  B could have rode that car thing he was on all night & be thrilled.  We ended up leaving before the fireworks.  When we did get Finley out of the car he was not dealing well with all the people and the noise and lights.  Last year he was very afraid of the fireworks and I figured I was not up to dealing with him & the boys solo during that and I felt like it really was not fair to Finley.  Luckily I ran into some friend at the carnival who helped with Finley for a bit so I was able to ride another ride with Ben.  So that is one weekend here :)  I am hopeful for better weather soon &  more trips and pictures.

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