Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catch up Time

Catch up time on ye old blog.  Friday I have no idea what we did.  Probably not a whole lot I am guessing since I can't remember it.  I think I cleaned or something.

Saturday we wandered around downtown Harrogate which was very fun actually looking for rain jackets and buying iPhones.   The phones we had did not even take a pictures.  They were the cheapest ones we could buy and we got them a few days after we arrived and we just needed something right then.  I figured we would sort out real phones later.  Well here we are a 18 months later and we have jumped on the technology band wagon.  Yay!

 We also went to a shake shop & they actually do soy shakes so it was FANTASTIC to go somewhere that there was an option for Greydon that was just like ours.  We often don't get treats out because it can be hard to find things that he is able to eat or if we do get treats out it is usually planned ahead and I have made something special for him that I bring along.

I find Harrogate to be really fun to wander around in & maybe part of that is because I have actually rarely done that or maybe because we were all together instead of me nervously keeping track of three howler monkeys myself.

Sunday it was gorgeous and we woke up late and so I decided we needed to get out and go somewhere so we went to Bolton Abbey, took a long walk, played on a rock beach (where the boys were in heaven throwing rocks & building with them) had ice cream and just relaxed.  It was fabulous.  I loved it because it is close by, very reasonable and there is a lot of different walks or things to explore there so I think we will go multiple times and really get our moneys worth.

Monday we went to the library where they were yet again astounded by how many books we returned and checked out.  We all like to read.. isn't that a good thing?

Today we (and I mean me) we cleaned for a house inspection tomorrow.  Super fun.  I should probably really get on packing some boxes since we are moving sooner than later.

And finally you can go to the new blog and catch my latest post "It's Okay Tuesday" where I rant and rave about the injustices of my life this week. Maybe I should have go with the name "Krista's Crazy Kool-Aide Drink It" instead of Mindless Ramblings of the Hand.  You wouldn't think naming a blog would be so tough or such a big deal but you would be wrong.  Branding people.... very touch subject.

Hope the rest of your week rocks & the rest of my week here is dry.  Whoever is doing all these rain dances     needs to be whipped.

Oh and yes I really am going to make this private this week sometime so please follow the other blog because I probably will post here very infrequently :)  


  1. hi Krista, does this tell ya how often I check this site out....I sure want to be able to see what you are all up to...hope you all got the pictures, I have more but am not sure how to do this any easier than adding only six at a time grrrr..later kiddo

    1. that last comment is from Aunt Barb...I guess I have a lot of "techno" catching up to do..


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