Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation

We had friends fly in from Germany and after we picked them up we headed South to visit Stonehenge.
Stonehenge really is so interesting & you have to love the varying views of how it came to be from aliens to thousands of slaves.
The boys were more interested in the radio guide tours they give you I think than the actual "rocks" which amazed me because they are OBSESSED with rocks.  You don't know how many times I have found them in my washing machine or the bags and buckets we had to return to their ":natural habitat" before we moved.

You are not allowed to get super close due to vandalism etc in the past but it still is very neat.  Apparently about 45 minutes away there is another set of stones in Avebury that  you can actually climb on etc.  We did not make it there this time though.

We then returned home the next day after a long drive.  We went sight seeing around Harrogate a bit where it really is just lovely.  The next day we picked up our Thanksgiving Dinner in a box.  I was so excited :)

See I am very spoiled in the fact that I have only had to cook Thanksgiving Dinner once.  Yes, you read that correctly once.  I am thirty something years old and have only done it one year with assistance from my step mom and Dad and husband.   {In the past my mom and Sister handled all that}So I am semi grateful that I have a tiny oven and could not realistically cook a turkey big enough for all of us.  I would have been really craptastic to make a dinner and then have it be terrible with company.  I believe in saving my cooking failures for my immediate family :)   I did make a fruit salad though so I did put forth some effort just in case you were thinking I was entirely too slothful.

I had a great Thanksgiving break and loved the visit with our friends.  Hoping yours was fantastic as well!

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