Monday, November 7, 2011


Well I did survive the party {barely} but I will do a post about that tomorrow with pics in the meantime I will share some thoughts that are rattling around my brain.

I bought soap to wash clothes with on Nov 1st.  The bottle says it has 28 washes in it... I poured out the last few drops last night into the washer.  Did I seriously wash 28 loads of laundry in 6 days?  It is possible considering I have three boys and my washer is the size of a Barbie washer but still...really?  What really kills me is the price of it.  It is usually 12 pounds a bottle which depending on the exchange rate is anywhere from $15 to  $20 dollars which is really not helping in the whole plan to reduce my grocery budget.

Yesterday I had a huge list of things to do but I didn't feel like accomplishing it so I worked on my blog.  I found a really cute background that I wanted on a site.... couldn't get it to work.  I spent like 30 to 45 min on this.  No big deal I will find another one I thought.  So I did and I liked it even better.  Couldn't get it to work.  Spend another 45 minutes at least trying to get it to work because I liked it that much.  Tried and tried and tried and read the stupid instructions a bunch of times and I was getting angrier and angrier and frustrated because I have changed this before and should I really be struggling this much with it?  Finally I gave up.  It was not what I wanted for a background but it was a nice solid color, and I had changed my fonts, rearranged my page elements etc and I could live with it.  I asked my husband if he would try for me since he is much more technologically advanced them me.  So he did and he couldn't get it to work.  I was super grateful for his help {another 45 min of time sucked away} but when he was done it was a color and template I did not like... so I changed it again to the current one which is fine but not me.  It drives me nuts.  This must be why people pay people to do this for them and if I was still working I so would.

My kids are hilarious.  I wish I was better at writing down all the funny stuff they say because I forget so much of it and it is priceless.  Yesterday my 5yr old and 7y old were playing and I was listening to them and happy that they were getting along so well.  I heard the 5yr old say, "Why are they called boobie traps anyway?  Do they look like boobies?" and then laughter erupted.   I had to go into the other room and laugh and then I wondered what does he think boobies are and was slightly panicked.  I am sure they will be super happy in the future when they read this and realize I have shared it with the world.

We stumbled upon these books in the library here:

They are pretty cute.  They are very quick to read and basic which is nice when I am reading and too tired to read a lengthy or wordy book to the boys at bedtime.  They do not use proper English so the boys like them because they sound a little silly and I think they are funny because they have Eddie Vedder and David Hasselhoff in them.  I recommend them if you have kids under 7 because you will both laugh.  Check them out at Amazon.  {Purely my opinion I do not have any contract with the author or Amazon }

I am off to finish some craft projects, upload some pictures and feed the children.  They weirdly insist on eating 5 - 6 times a day everyday.  It is nuts.  Enjoy your day!

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