Monday, December 5, 2011

9 Days to Change My Life

So awhile back I mentioned wanting to exercise, etc.  Before we had moved I knew it was past time to do something about my weight and health & I was lucky enough to have two friends who are personal trainers who gave me tips, advice and I was going to the gym half heartedly with one.  We then moved and life as we knew it came to a grinding halt and we had a few months of mostly chaos.  Now we are eight months after the move and I have been again feeling like I really need to take control of my health and I have been not feeling well.  I have been feeling worse & more frequently since September and finally the other day I made a doctor appointment and I met with an herbalist because I woke up one morning and I was done with feeling like crap and having no energy.  The same day I read on a blog about a 9 day cleanse group she was putting together and to email her if we wanted to particpate and I did.  It was such a gift to read that and have that opportunity.
I cannot do this alone and I feel like I have to do something severe to get myself going.
So I am embarking on this journey to better health and I am scared and excited all at the same time.  I know that by making a few simple changes I will lose weight and gain energy back and I am thrilled for that.  I have 30 pounds I want to lose if I am being honest but what I am most excited about is all the other amazing things I know I will get out of this.  I feel strongly that this journey is going to impact each and every aspect of my life.  A ripple affect if you will into other parts of my life all because I took control and choose health over the half life I have been living.

I am excited to have energy again and not feel drained by everyday life.
I am excited to be well rested and be in a cheerier mood.
I am looking forward to the clarity and peace this will give to my mind and soul.
I am looking forward to getting to know some great women who are on this journey as well.
I am cannot wait to be a better me so I can be a better mom and wife.  

I posted the following goals onto our Facebook group for this & I am going to blog about it here as well because I want to document this journey.  It helps keep me inline, focused and accountable but also I want to look back at this and  see where I was and where I got to be with work.  It will be hard but it will be worth it.  

Body Goals:
Increase water consumption and cut out soda
Exercise 20 - 30 min six days a week
Make healthy food choices 
Prep food ahead of time to make it easier and less stressful and more healthy
Sleep at least 7 hrs a night

Read 10 min a day
Journal 10 min a day
Work on my goal of getting published 15 min a day
Craft one thing per week
Get dressed everyday
Be easier on myself
Take time for myself when my kids sleep so I focus on them when they are awake

Love myself for me, not the me I use to be or even dream of being... the now me
Pray daily
Make God a priority not an afterthought
Make family time each day and give them my undivided attention
Make time for just me and my husband

My overall goal is to return to a healthy place where I have energy, feel happy and at peace with myself in life, while I work everyday to find joy in EVERY situation, gain knowledge and laugh much more & teach my kids that truth, light, love and laughter are what it is all about.

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