Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome to Hodge Podge Wednesday!  If you are not already participating join up here at Joyce's page.  She has great questions each week!

1. Will you be hosting any house guests between now and the end of December? Does that thought make you happy or crazy? Do you do anything special to make your house guests feel welcome? How long should a guest stay?

We do not have anyone coming for Christmas this year we are too far away and we had guests in September and over Thanksgiving {which was great}.  I like to have company so I never mind when people come sometimes I stress over getting everything done because I have this vision of how things should be but it is all worth it.  
If guest are staying for more than a day or so I like to make sure that they have a place that they can go to escape us :)  So I like to have a guest bedroom for that and I always try to make sure I have a basket of stuff in the bathroom in case they have forgotten basics that has extra toothbrushes, lotion, etc.  
I also try to have things on hand grocery wise that I know they enjoy. { Soda for soda drinkers, i.e}
How long should a guess stay?  Hmmm... I think I would be fine with up to 8 weeks and then I might need a break for a day or so.   

2. Walter Elias Disney was born this week back in (Dec 5) 1905...what's your all time favorite Disney movie? Here's a list in case you're struggling...and yes, you have to pick one.

This was tough because they have made so many great movies.  I picked National Treasure.  When I was growing up I wanted to be an archaeologist {after I gave up my dream of being a trapeze artist :) } and I am fascinated by the idea of going on a treasure hunt and finding things.

3. What's the last thing you purchased that you realized was a mistake after the fact?

A box of chocolate covered Macadamia Nut candies.  They are so good but I bought them a day before I was going to start a three day cleanse and a 9 day health revolution.  Then I felt the need to eat as many as possible before that started.  Super yummy but bad choice.

4. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done online?

In the past I rarely bought anything online for Christmas shopping because if I go early I like hunting around to find the right thing for someone.  Next year I would imagine I would do 90% of it online because of where we currently live.  It is easier, cheaper and more of a selection.  Also easier to send things to people back home that way.

5. Amaryllis...snowdrop...poinsettia...your favorite winter blossom?

Poinsettia.  My friend just made this 9ft tall Poinsettia tree for a Creche display at our church and I thought it was amazing.

6. What is one thing on your personal wish list this year? I think we all want peace on earth so let's make this an actual item.

Just one?  I could list a few things :)  I would really really really love to get a Silhouette machine and I would like a new winter coat.

7. If you could only use one word today what would it be?

Joy.   I am really working on finding the joy in each and everything.  Sometimes that is hard and sometimes it is easy but I want it to be more easy than hard and I more importantly want my children to seek joy.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Today I thought there was a field trip for my oldest son and I am volunteering to tag along.  So I got all three kids up at 6am {after I went to bed at 1am and was up by 6 am}, got us all ready, dropped off the dog, dropped off oldest at school, took the other two to daycare on base where I dealt with their meltdowns due to being dropped off.  Get over to the school and as I am walking in I see the sign that says the field trip is TOMORROW.   Awesome.  But I found the joy :)  I walked back to my car and laughed and laughed until my face hurt & then I went and visited with a few friends for about 30 minutes before picking up the two from daycare.  We will try again tomorrow :)    
Further proof that I am "that kind of bear" that adventures always seem to happen to.

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  1. LOL - Making sure guests have a place to go so they can escape...first time I heard that one
    I love your word of the day!

    Have a joyful Wednesday!

  2. The poinsettia tree is beautiful!
    It's probably a good thing you were a day early for the field trip instead of a day late. It's great that you could laugh and relax after your mistake though! Happy Wednesday, and God bless you.

  3. That's a great story : ) Glad you could find the joy in it! The poinsetta tree is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for stopping over. Nice to meet you. One Magic Christmas was 2004. Mary Steenburgen is the main character. It is rather dark for a Christmas story but it has a very nice meaning to it. I personally love the National Treasure movies, they have been so good. The pointsettia tree is beautiful. Love the practice run you had today :)

  5. I would so do something like that --get the wrong day! Glad you laughed about it!

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Well, you certainly did see the joyous side of your early arrive for your child's field trip. I, on the other hand, would be so mad at myself for making such a blunder. No doubt there would have been a little head banging on the steering wheel. I hope today's outing was a joy!

  7. Seriously? A box of chocolates the day before a cleanse?

    I would have used the chocolates as an excuse to postpone the cleanse - after all, they're more of a priority :)

    Thanks for visiting!
    Chantelle x

  8. Um...the question was 1 item...I think you listed 2.


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