Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm that kind of bear...

"Now," said Mrs. Brown, "you must tell us all about yourself.  I'm sure you must have had lots of adventures."

"I have," said Paddington earnestly.   "Things are always happening to me.  I'm that sort of a bear." 

I am that sort of bear.  The one that crazy things happen to.  Sometimes those things are not great, sometimes they are just bizarre but most of the time it is good.  It isn't always easy to see the good.  Much easier to identify the crazy.
I blame this entirely on my parents and I am sure my siblings would agree... we never had a chance it is in our DNA to be "that sort of bear".  I remember growing up and seeing things happen or hearing the stories of funny things and people saying to them, "these things always seem to happen to you"  And now my brother, sister and I are carrying on that tradition and how lucky are we?  :)  {I say this all very tongue in cheek in case you are not picking up my sarcasm in these typed words.}

The other day I had  a comedy of errors the entire day.  Anything that was suppose to work out did  not.  It was just crazy incident after crazy incident but as I get older and wiser, or at least older :)  I am starting to appreciate the humor so much more and see the joy so much easier than I ever have.
For example we have a chocolate milk mixer.  Once you are done mixing in it you simply just take off the lid and pour it out.  You do not unscrew the bottom and separate the bottom from the mixing cup.  Of course that is what I dd though when it was completely full and chocolate milk poured everywhere.  Allllll over the cupboards and inside the cupboard and the counter and the floor and ... well you get the idea.  What did I do?  I just laughed and laughed.  The old me would have thrown the contraption across the room and yelled.

So, while I am "that kind of bear" at least I have gotten better at dealing with it.  And if you need further proof I am "that kind of bear" read this post here about all the chaos that happened when we moved.   Or this one.  Really any post from June that has a Day ____.

To my fellow "that sort of bears" we are in this together and for those of you who aren't take it easy on those of us who are who just can't seem to get it all together with all the crazy orbiting us:)

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