Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 7 Run around Washington like a chicken without a head day

Here is a direct quote from my journal that day. "Day prior to flight & with each passing moment I just can't wait to get on the plane. Seattle has wrecked us."

We were up at 6am and on the road by 7:15am that morning. Drove from Seattle to Olympia to drop me off at the endodontist for my root canal. Bill headed off (this time to Tacoma) with all three boys and the dog to clean out the car (vacuum, etc.) and drop it off at the port. Apparently most of that went well, until Benji had explosive diarrhea that involved getting poop all over the office chair at the port. Then the rental guy was over 30 minutes late with our rental car. Bill drives back up to Olympia and picks me up so we can go to the airport to drop off Finley for his flight. No one has had lunch and there is no time for lunch ....we have a quickly approaching deadline for when we have to have Finley there and we have to drive back up to Seattle.

Get to the air cargo place 15 minutes late & Bill heads in to get Finley settled. I am expecting this to take 30 minutes at the most. It is now about 2:40pm. According to the website we had as long as Finley's head did not touch the top of the kennel it was fine for flight, however they said he needed three inches space between his head and the top of the kennel. Great. It took about 30 minutes to discover this - meanwhile I am in the car where the kids are crying we have eaten all the snacks I could find in the diaper bag which consisted of some fruit snacks and stale pretzels. Finely is whining. My mouth is finally not numb from my root canal and I am not in immense pain and can eat so I am starving as well. Bill comes out and we head to the closest pet store we can find. In the store Bill is trying to hurry and find the right size kennel with not a lot of luck. We drive trying to find another store and end up back where we started. It has started to POUR rain. There of course is hilarity and chaos involved in Bill buying the two giant kennels he got but it is much funnier when Bill tells it then when I type this portion.
The kennels were not cheap & we ended up leaving our kennel that was perfectly fine & $70 there for them to donate or throw away. We rush back to the airport to get Finley on the flight and they are trying to cancel his flight because he needs to be down on the tarmac and we are still in the air cargo office. Oh and his flight is significantly more now because of the larger kennel. It was nuts.
Finally at 6pm... we have been there for three hours we finally get him sent. We return the kennel we didn't need to the pet store and Bill gets the same idiot checker he had the first time... he was super excited about that.
We wanted to take the kids to the Rain Forest Cafe to eat since they had such a long day as kind of a treat. Greydon and Dylan both really like it there. There was one close by luckily and we had made reservations for 6:15. By 6:30pm we were seated and right by the monkeys so Greydon and Dylan were so excited. Benjamin on the other hand took one look at them and started crying, then they started moving and making noise & he lost it. Started screaming and put his head down on the table and would NOT look up for anything. He would not eat even though he was super hungry. So we all quickly ate, I drank 3 sodas as quick as I could (I needed them!) and we booked out of there with his food to go. The day was not shaping up well.
Headed back to the hotel, took the kids up to the pool for a little bit and then put them to bad and started to repack our bags. Finally about 1am we headed to bed ourselves. It had been a long day. We drove 183.28 miles just between cities and then I am guessing about 30 miles around Seattle that day. So Amber when or if you read this now you know the full details of why we couldn't meet up :(

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  1. The first time we went to the rain forest cafe, the gorillas freaked Calvin out too. He was very nervous the whole time. Poor kid.


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