Monday, June 6, 2011


We are now here in Harrogate... actually have been for just over a month now. I truly was wondering if we were going to make it here since our journey was full of insanity. But we did make it and it is beautiful. Life has been busy and then when it wasn't busy and I had time to blog, etc. we had no internet. Boo :(

But we are hooked up again with technology which is fabulous! Of course we got our internet the day before we got all of our stuff so I am back to no time because I have a ZILLION boxes to unpack. Bill has too much stuff.

So soon I will be updating on the chaos of travel..I know you are looking forward to it! Stay tuned for crazy because it is coming :)

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  1. I love to read what you right! It is fun to read and it makes me laugh. Thank goodness you are tough. Please keep writing and enjoy your adventure. Erica


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