Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What day is it?

I interrupt the thrilling tale of travel with a different post. Someone asked Bill today at work how long we had been married. So he said "9 years this month... oh crap we missed it." So he called me to pretend like he remembered and to bust me for not remembering. I totally had spaced it (as he had). Our anniversary was 9 days ago... yes you read that correctly 9. I asked him where he was taking me for dinner and he asked where I was taking him since I forgot. I told him that we had both forgotten and since he was reminded and then called he was obviously the one with the plan.
In our defense our actual anniversary was the day we received our shipment of household goods so we were a little busy. I do wonder though had someone not asked a simple question at work how long would it have been before one of us remembered?
This is sadly not the first time we have forgotten... I see that as a sign that we are too busy or maybe it is because we have to anniversaries and so I remember the first one but we celebrate the second one so it is confusing. Feeling very disorganized in Harrogate.
It has been an adventure filled 9 years. We have lived in 5 different places in 9 years, had kids, got a dog and had lots of ups and a few downs. I love you babe and I look forward to many more years together :) Who knows maybe I will even beat you to remembering next year :)

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