Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bill and Krista's Excellent/Not So Excellant Adventure: Day 1

We left Mt. Home on April 19th. We ended up leaving much later than we had wanted due to a postal problem. We had boxes to mail... stuff that either the movers had missed, I had missed whatever. 13 boxes that had to be taped shut, addressed, custom forms filled out & then taken in and mailed. I spent over an hour just taping, addressing, etc and I was still not done. Bill came to help. I was stressed trying to get us gone & he was a little stressed so we were super friendly to each other in the parking lot..lol
Anyway we finally are basically done so he starts hauling all the packages into the post office (which is really small) so we can finally mail them. Discover that they are not taking debit cards and so we need cash. Bill leaves to get cash and comes back empty handed because all the atms on base are not working. Great. Load all the boxes back into the van which is loaded in the back I can't see out the back window and now with all the boxes in the passenger seat I can't see out that window either. Drive to town and take our circus act into the post office there. Finally get that done. Bill and I are so happy this whole time...and so are the kids and the dog. Go to our good friends house to drop off Bill's car that they are nice enough to sell for us. Spend a little time there, go to leave and we forget the dog in the backyard. About a block away they call and remind us about our dog... go back and get him. (Thanks Jerry!!)
Finally get ready to drive to Ely around 5pm. We were suppose to leave around 1pm... Bill is super thrilled. Drive 339.23 miles, arrive late and get to our hotel to discover the room that we had booked we couldn't have because they didn't account for our dog - even though I asked about a room for pets several times on the phone. So we put our kids back in the car, drove and found another hotel room and crashed because it was late and we were done.
Next morning we got up and did the following:
- had breakfast with Pop and Nanna and my Aunt Peggy
- got yelled at by some random woman for supposedly speeding in a school zone...of course in order to yell at us she had to speed up to 18 so I guess it was the pot calling the kettle black
- put flowers, a tacky/cute pink flamingo yard stick thing and a coke on my moms grave
- visited two of dear friends for about 5 min. each
I feel like we packed a lot into the short short time we were there. And really we should have know how this trip would go with its auspicious start but we are optimists so I counted it as a rough start... should have know better.

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