Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 2

Well I already told part of day two...since day two started in Ely. When we left Ely in the afternoon we headed to Reno, Nevada. Ely to Reno is 320.43 miles. We arrived there late, checked into our room, ate McDonalds for dinner (which sadly would become a staple on this trip) and slept. We woke the next morning and went to Walmart to grab a few things & to Costco to get a giant super yummy chocolate cake to share with Bill's family. Then we headed to Westwood, California which was 119.41 miles away. Finley was super excited to be at a house with a yard where he could actually run & be with other dogs. The cats who live there were not as excited about Finley being there as he was.

We were able to spend a few days and have a good visit with Bill's family. While Dylan was pretty sick, Benji got sick and I was sick there it was still nice to have a few days out of the car and relaxing and visiting.

We also had our butterfly project with us. Greydon's Kindergarden class were going to have catepillars and watch them transorm to butterflies & then they were going to release them. Well, since he were leaving he would have missed that. So Bill being the overachieving great Dad that he is ordered some online and so we could do the project as well.

So to recap we have been traveling in a van packed FULL with three kids, a dog, some caterpillars now in cocoons (that are really fragile) and two parents who were suffereing from bouts of tiredness, frustration and stress. Oh and now half of us are sick. Good times.

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