Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 5 - A bit of calm before the storm

April 25th leave Westwood CA headed to Salem, OR. Stopped in Ashland to eat lunch. Parked downtown, walked around a bit, found a cool restaurant in a basement that the boys really liked. The monkeys were extremely well behaved during lunch & we even had comments from two separate people about how good they were... I loved it truth be told. You work really hard with your kids & sometimes you wonder if they are getting any of it and so when it is confirmed it is a slice of heaven but anywho...
Bill left to go get Finley so we could walk him while the boys finished eating.
So we were ready to go the outing had been a success but then everyone need to wash hands and go to the restroom. I let Dylan and and Greydon go in by themselves while I stood outside the door because it was a closet bathroom with just a toilet and a sink...and of course they came out after locking the door and shutting it so no one else could get into the men's. Fabulous. I told the waitress, apologizing profusely and left after the busboy said he would get it open.
We met Bill and Finely outside and walked along the river back to the car and it was so nice. I really thought it was a cool town and I wished we had spent the night there but we pressed onto to Salem.
Salem was no bueno. Bueno = good for you non-multi lingual peeps out there :) We got there late and there was no place to eat other than McDonald's which we did not want to do so we ran into a grocery store and got some lunchables. Everyone was really tired and irritable, Dylan was not feeling well at all, Benjamin sounded terrible & I was in so much pain with my tooth/ear/jaw thing that I hadn't been able to eat since lunch. We finally arrived at the hotel around 10pm and five minutes after walking in Dylan started projectile vomiting. Super. I started to cry, the boys were crying. Poor Bill.. so now he has multiple crying people and a pile of puke and a hyper dog to deal with. Sometimes I think he really is a saint for dealing with some of the situations we put him in. So once everyone had stopped crying and cleaned up we crashed wishing for a better day tomorrow. Ah but if wishes were horses....
Westwood to Salem 433.07 miles

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