Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So the total amount of miles traveled in chaos is {drum roll please}:
Can you believe we covered that much ground in such a short time? I can't. Not only is hard to imagine we traveled so far I can't believe that we all made it seemingly unscathed and still liking one another. There were some moments when I wondered if that would be the case.
So we were understandbly tired upon arrival and DONE with driving anywhere. I was actually grateful that I didn't have a car initially because I could walk or better yet just lay on the couch and not move.
The second day we were here our sponsor's wife took me around Harrogate to show me where some key things were and to the grocery store. We went to Asda (which is the UK version of Walmart) and there I made a fool of myself on day 2. I know a few of you are NOT suprised by this news at all. I had a really hard time with my ears on the flight from Amsterdamn to Leeds, it was extremely painful and I could not get my ears to pop. I was not hearing very well and the checker apparently asked me if I needed bags and I said no. I have no idea what I thought she was asking me. Not only could I not hear she also had a thick accent* that I was struggling with. So I stood there smiling at her while all my belongs that I was buying piled up at the end of the checkstand. So as I pay she gives me a look like I am crazy and proceeds to bag all my groceries for me. So I learned that not only do they not bag your groceries for you, they only give you bags to put them in if you ask for them. They are very into bringing your own shopping bags. I felt like an idiot. Oh well not the first time and surely not the last :)
Harrogate though really is lovely. I think I keep saying that and people will get tired of hearing it but it is beautiful here. I believe you get sent to every place for a reason & I look forward to the next few years here.
As much as I love it there are a few quirky things about the houses here. I find them quirky atleast...I will take some photos tonight and post them tomorrow that way I can spice up the blog in some way besides my terrible paint drawings. Until then

*Just because they speak English does not mean you understand it all. They have different words for things, different expressions and sometimes the accents kill me. I had a repairman here one day and I got one out of every 5 words if I was lucky.

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