Monday, April 27, 2009

The Longest Day

One day last week Greydon had the longest day ever. (His words) He went to school and it was a beautiful day out so they played outside and did not take naps, they I picked them up, ran some errands and came home to get ready for soccer. He had fallen asleep in the car but I woke him up, got him in the house and told him to sit on the steps while I grabbed his soccer stuff and I would get him dressed. When I came back into the room he was passed out and I had to take a picture it was hilarious. So I woke him up again and he was so upset... "mom I had the longest day I just want to sleep" to which I replied, "sorry buddy you have soccer it is the last practice we are going." So I got him dressed got all three kids there and we were half hour early. Luckily I had juice and scooby bones so I distracted them with that and got him sugared up so he would have energy to do something at soccer. By the end of soccer he was so tired he wasn't even running after the ball he would just stand by the goal with his arms up yelling, "I am open guys" He was wiped out !!! And at the end of practice we found out surprise you have another full week of soccer. Joy.

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