Monday, April 20, 2009


So one day several months ago my brother calls. This is our conversation. "how old are the boys again?" "Four and two...why?" "Huh -- maybe I should have waited a few years to buy them one then" "Buy them what?" "The motorcycle I picked up today" "You bought WHAT for my kids?!!"
Now of course I did not want to offend him so after my "you bought what" explosion I told him how cool I thought it was and how much I appreciate it. (Which I truly do appreciate his extreme generosity) but the overprotective side of me is thinking are you out of your mind? But he has always rode motorcycles, my dad always did and Bill wants one so it almost seems natural that the boys would get one.
He brought it up over Easter and they boys were not too sure at first, then they loved it and then we turned it on. Once they heard the engine both were not too excited but we talked Greydon into getting onto it and he went for a quick ride just down the street and back and he loved it. Dylan (much to my surprise) wanted nothing to do with it. I was really glad that atleast one of them showed interest since he hauled it here from Texas. Now Aunt Karyn wants to get them a bunch of motorcycle gear. She has a great connection with work though so my kids will likely be all decked out very soon. Again I appreciate it so much but people they are FOUR and TWO !! Can't they just play with blocks still ? lol

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