Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank goodness for miltary haircut regulations

So my husband gave the boys haircuts yesterday which they were in desperate need of and I was glad to have him do it and not pay someone at the BX for a haircut I would ultimately end up despising.
Dylan wanted a regular hair cut so he got buzzed. I was busy and not paying attention when he got to Greydon who now has ANOTHER MOHAWK !!!!!!!! Yes I realize he is four and it is just hair so who cares. In order for a mohawk hair cut to look decent it has to be styled every day which is difficult on school days... these are the days that if I actually shower before dropping of the boys I am impressed (as are the kids teachers But now I have an extra step... style Greydons hair and he is VERY peticular about how it looks. YAY thank you Bill.
I have decided that Bill is secretly obsessed with mohawks and wants one so I guess I should be thankful he is in the military and has regulations as to how he wears his hair otherwise he would have one too. That might be the first thing he does when he retires.

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