Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Wednesday I am Not A Fan

Oh Wednesday let me count the ways I greatly dislike you.  I would say hate but as my kids would remind me,
"We don't use that word".

I knew when I woke up it was not going to be a great day.  I knew it was in large part to me staying up too late  the night before and being tired but still.  Come on Universe give a girl a break already.

Highlights: {or should it be lowlights?}

Being 30 minutes late to daycare and having the daycare worker be mad at me because when we did arrive they were serving lunch and kid #2 was FREAKING out and had to be torn from my arms while screaming while I tried to walk out of the room with his sibling hanging onto my other leg screaming.

Forgetting I am not suppose to eat broccoli at the lunch meeting I went to and proceeding to eat a bowl of brocolli soup. I feel super great right now.

Picking up my dog and he smells like he rolled in several things that have died.  Several.  Having to give him a bath which I have never done and won't be doing again.   It was craptastic.

Having my youngest "help me" by taking off his poopy diaper upstairs and then coming downstairs to show me.... awesome.

Oh wednesday just go away already because I am done !!!!

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