Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Parenting Fails 1, 2 and 3 and 4 and well you get the idea

Well it was a weekend of Parenting Fails here at the Circus.  Earlier I was thinking that it was just yesterday but as I review the weekend in my mind I realize it all started on Saturday.  Hopefully you fared better.

The plan on Saturday: go to Costco and a craft store to get supplies, the workaholic had to go to work for about 30 min and a few other random errands needed to happen.  First I thought Costco opened at noon for some odd reason and was open until 8pm.  Nope.  9:30am to 6pm.  Unfortunately this was not discovered  until 3pm when we had to head to base to take care of matter there first.  {Fail #1} (Side note they have weird hours here generally)
While there we did take the kids to the playground for a bit to run off some energy since it was not too horrid out.  When leaving my oldest told me he had a horrible, terrible no good day.  Really because if I recap your day you: slept in, played the computer for almost two hours, played with Legos, rode in the car for a few, went grocery shopping for about 20 min and then went to the playground for about 45 min, rode home and hot dogs and french fries for dinner.
So of course, being the mature rational adult I was I preceded to tell him that while his day might not have seemed perfect to him (grocery store, sitting in the car for more than 10 seconds) it was not horrible or terrible that it was actually pretty great.  He said no.  I then responded with, "well when you suffer through a natural even like a tsunami, earthquake, etc" then you can tell me you had a terrible horrible day until then buck up.  Awesome right?  {Fail #2}
 After dinner the hubs left to go watch the big 49ers game with friends and I stayed here, put the kids to bed and then there was peace and quiet and I realized, I could watch ANYTHING.   It was glorious.  So I did.  Once my movie ended (It's Kind of a Funny Story with Zach Galifianakis) I thought I would turn on the game to atleast know the score in case the hubs wanted to talk about it.  The game was actually really good and it sucked me right in and I was watching and cheering (which is rare).  Then came about 2:30am and I was realizing I really really needed to get to sleep. So I did.
Wake up late Sunday morning, of course instead of getting our clothes ready the night before I had not so I was rushing to do that and we were late for church by just over an hour.  More groaning and complaining from the kids and stress for me.  Awesomeness again.  {Fail #3}

I learned long ago not to tell my kids what we were doing until we were going to do it.  Why?  Because plans change, play dates get canceled because kids get sick, etc.  So rather than disappoint them you wait until you are 200% certain and THEN you tell them.  Did we stick with that? Nope, we made the rookie mistake of telling them Sunday night that were taking them to an indoor water park.  They were hyped.  We were so excited that they were so excited, and so proud because we thought we had picked the perfect time to take them, etc.  So the next morning I ask the hubs if he has looked up directions, how far etc. what time are we leaving, so on and so forth.  No he hadn't so I thought I should.  That is when we discovered the water park that my kids were sooooooooooo excited to go to was closed.  Yep, CLOSED.   {Fail #4}
No worries, we can still have a fantastic day.... it is almost noon we can still go somewhere.  We will go swimming here at the pool.  Except that when we looked that up it was now almost 12:30pm, they were eating lunch and open swimming closed at 1:35pm.    {Fail #5}  Two fails in the space of a mere hour.  We were (or at least I was) feeling like the worlds most sucky mom).

I am happy to report that all was not lost because we were able to find a different pool and  swim for just over an hour, they had a kid friendly slide, we were some of the only people there and after swimming we took them to eat at McDonald's so while we started the day as zeroes we ended it as hereos.  I can't believe I just typed that it is so cheesy.  Truth though, cheesy truth.

Apparently though after all our fails (I am sure there are more I did not list) my spare refrigerator was feeling left out and so it died.  So that is also super awesome and the hubs has some work that will keep him busy and away for today so I am the lucky duck who gets to deal with the funky food in the garage.  The silver lining to that cloud is we (and I mean me, myself and I)  did at least already eat all the ice cream.  I am happier and fatter due to that single fact.

So here is to the parenting failures that we all make; may yours be few and infrequent and may you be able to turn them around at least slightly so your kids can be saved for the "terrible, no good horrible days" and you can be spared from that look they give you that says, " I seriously can't believe I am stuck with you as a parent".

What is a parenting fail you recently have had or advice for dealing with them?

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